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Who we are
This group is dedicated to fan art of the Kaiju Girls of the Daikaiju Academy setting once hosted at Neo Monster Island. The Kaiju Girls, or "K-Girls" for short, are sexy pinup girl characters based on daikaiju or giant monsters, mostly from Toho Studios' Godzilla movies, with a few giant robots thrown in for good measure. We also provide a home for art of kaiju-morphs who have not been made official on the site.

What sort of art do we accept?
We accept art of characters anthropomorphised from giant monsters of or inspired by the Japanese daikaiju genre, as well as some giant robots/mecha (particularly those with a connection to daikaiju) and smaller monsters from movies/TV/etc. of the tokusatsu genre. The emphasis is more on sexiness than accuracy.

Our main focus is on the characters from Daikaiju Academy universe, but we are not restricted to those characters.

While cool in their right, we are not accepting sexy versions of the classic Universal monsters, such as like Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, vampires, werewolves, etc., or of mythological or traditional fantasy humanoid creatures such as Medusa, lamias, elves, goblins, etc.

All forms of art are accepted as long as they are on topic: drawings, stories, 3DCG, sculpture, photomanipulation, poetry...and photography, if you can find one to model for you. ;)

What's a kaiju?
Kaiju is Japanese for "monster". Specifically, it refers to the sort found in monster movies, rather than in myths or fantasy. Daikaiju are giant monsters, the best known being Godzilla and King Kong.

Although most of them are based on daikaiju, the girls themselves are usually depicted as being human-sized. They are occasionally depicted as giants, though, and we do not reject "macro" pics.

What is Daikaiju Academy?
Daikaiju Academy (DKA) is a fictional setting, a school, located on Neo Monster Island in Japanese territory, that serves as the home of the K-Girls. Most of the K-Girls are students or instructors at the Academy, which was set up to handle the unique needs of its unusual student body..

The Kaiju Girls were originally mascots for Shin-Goji's site, but eventually grew popular enough that a site dedicated to them was spun off. However, Shin has since devoted his time and energy towards his photography and deleted the site, so we remain as the sole home of the setting.

What gallery folder should I submit my work to?
If your art features one of the official Daikaiju Academy characters, it goes into one of the following folders, according to the monster the character is based on:
:bulletgreen:Gojira clan DKA - Kaijumorphs based on the King of Monsters, Gojira
:bulletgreen:Ghidorah clan DKA - Kaijumorphs based on King Ghidorah and his variants
:bulletgreen:Mothra clan DKA - Kaijumorphs based on Mothra and her various forms
:bulletgreen:Alien k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on kaiju from outer space (other than Ghidorah)
:bulletgreen:Aquatic k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on oceanic or amphibious kaiju
:bulletgreen:Bug and Crustacean k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on insectoid, arachnid, or crustacean kaiju
:bulletgreen:Burrowing k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on kaiju known for digging under the ground (Baragon and Anguirus)
:bulletgreen:Winged k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on non-insectoid kaiju with wings
:bulletgreen:Robotic k-morphs DKA - Characters based on mecha and super robots
:bulletgreen:Reptilian k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on reptilian kaiju that don't fit in any of the other categories. This includes kaijumorphs based on the Roland Emmerich Godzilla (aka GINO)
:bulletgreen:Other k-morphs DKA - Kaijumorphs based on kaiju that don't fit in any of the other categories
:bulletgreen:Groups - Pics of groups of kaijumorphs from multiple categories

Pics of characters who are not part of the core cast, but who are intended to exist in the Daikaiju Academy universe (for example, they're a character in a Daikaiju Academy fanfic), go in Guest characters.

Pics of kaiju anthros who are not set in the Daikaiju Academy universe go in Non-DKA kaiju anthros. This includes, but is not limited to, unnamed kaiju anthros, personal kaiju anthro OCs, and kaiju anthro characters from other fictional universes or franchises such as Super Sentai series or City Of Heroes.

And finally, fiction set in the Daikaiju Academy universe, whether illustrated or purely prose, goes in Stories & Comics.


Art Jam June 2010: Career Day
Characters that weren't in the NMI galleries

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